unpleasant scents are avoided; as well consciously as consciously. They can result in sicknesses and  irritate the central nervous system. This is, however, not possible to eliminate unpleasant scent adding to it something that smells nice. In contrary – unwelcome scent can negatively influence positive impressions with scent.

AromaEIMINATION is a gift for people to whom cigarette smoke is unwelcome. Biological parts of betaine can result in neutralization of molecules of cigarette smoke. AromaELIMINATION is both preventing unpleasant scent appearance and air purification. Due to it everybody can work in a nice free of unpleasant fragrances atmosphere. Besides additional aromatisation of that workplace can influence on motivation towards work and focusing on the job.
We offer elimination:
  • of cigarettes smoke
  • kitchen odors
  • toilette odors
  • other unpleasant scents as sweat
Air is fresh, clean and pleasant... ideal for an efficient work :)
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