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the idea of ad*aroma – scent marketing consulting agency is supporting your company in reaching success. We offer new, unusual and very pleasant marketing tool, because of which your customer will remember your company/product for a long, long time. Fragrance can and should be used in building strong and extraordinary relationship with your client. All because of magical, natural power of an original and positively seducing scent.

Experts work for your success
our team of experts in their fields join their skills and experience to work on your success. Specialists in the aromamarketing, perfumists, architects, artists, psychologists and managers are to mention.
All to ensure perfect suited aromamarketing activities to Your demands and expectations (impressions) of your customers.

Scent integration with the visual, flora and psychological aspects of communication with clients is not appreciated... not yet; however, it is extremely important. Senses do not act independently; they constitute a completeness, what also should be taken into account while creating a scent marketing strategy of your company.

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aroma IDEA


ad*aroma - marketing zapachowy

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Wzmocniona siła zapachu dżungli Lenora w klubie Platinium

24.04.2008 roku mieliśmy okazję uczestniczyć w imprezie inaugurującej pojawienie się nowego zapachu Lenor Jungle Freedom. Zainspirowani świeżością Lenora, aromatu kwiatu Strelicji stworzyliśmy kompozycję zapachową o woni świeżo skoszonej, wilgotnej trawy prosto z dżungli. Rajski zapach oraz bogata scenografia, witające głosy natury przeniosły gości do amazońskich tropików.